There is nothing like taking a swig of plamwine, be it in a bottle, calabash or cup.

The thought  of achieving inner peace and  a higher state of being, can make one push the plam wine aside.

But what if you could do both, at the same time?

In a country were economic difficulties are pressing on every side,  with insecurity being the order of the day, any kind of peace will be a welcomed development.

Bounce News looks at one way Nigerians are adopting to find their tranquil space.

This has nothing to do with  gyrating, associated with ' kegites' who draw the inspiration for their 'palm wine music', from drinking this libation.

It all started with beer bottles , but ended with palm wine calabashes.

In 2017, 'Beer Yoga' became a craze in in several South East Asian and European countries.

beer yoga

The idea apparently consists of  either a  regular yoga session followed by the consumption of  beer, or  the incorporation  of booze directly into the class.

 In this type of classes, students either balance the bottles on their head or other parts of their body, or take a sip from the bottle while striking  a yoga pose.

The marriage of  these  centuries-old past times inspired, Nigerian Yoga Instructor, Sandra Patrick  of Breathe Studios to turn 'Beer Yoga' into Plamwine yoga'

"We saw  what they were doing with  'Beer yoga',  my friend suggested that we should do  it, but I suggested that we do Plamwine Yoga instead. Its our own and it is healthy" she said while speaking to Bounce News.
Sandra's first 'Plam wine Yoga' session was a flop.

sandra patrick

They decided to use  calabashes or plastic bottles filled with Plam wine  for Yoga students to take their poses, but they could not find enough bottles or calabashes.

"The idea is to have fun, and go with the plam wine flow, as we  hold our bottles  in postures like the  Mountain Pose or the  Downward Dog,  but we could not find bottles. it did not work, drank the beer later.

Plam wine yoga involves a lot of balancing so we wanted to use either bottles or calabashes, but we could not get enough for all the students" she told Bounce News.

The next plam wine yoga class is at the end of April, and Sandra says they have enough time to get calabashes that would help students, achieve inner peace, health and spiritual well-being through  various  yoga  body postures.

So to achieve inner peace in times of hard economic times, and the insecurity that is biting hard, it may just be time to grab your plam wine, and strike a pose.

It might not solve the pressing issues, but it could be a good distraction. Oya pose.