There is a popular perception about people who take weed or skunk and that is that they are touts or bad people.

But these plants are not totally bad according to renowned Doctor of Chiropractic, with certification in natural medicine, Dr. Josh Axe.

Dr. Axe, who is also a and clinical nutritionist, wrote about the power of cannabis oil, which is an extract from the plank popularly called skunk weed in Nigeria and the plant showed potential of helping people overcome some health challenges.

However, there is a difference between wrapping and smoking the plant and using the oil extracted from the plant.

What the clinical nutritionist recommended is the use of the oil, but the use of the plant for medicine was dated over 3,000 years ago.

Its efficacy has contributed to why nations are legalising its use, with clauses to the regulation since it also has the ability of getting people addicted.

But there are health conditions that this plant can help people address.

1.     Are You Stressed Or Having Anxiety Issues?

It is difficult for someone in Nigeria’s commercial city, Lagos, who lives on the mainland and works in the island to say he or she is not stressed.

The time spent in traffic and the sapping nature of the 9 to 5 jobs are enough to leave anyone stressed.

This stress can kill the excitement that comes from the job and the quality of life one enjoys.

Cannabis oil can come handy in addressing this stress and anxiety that people suffer.

According to Dr. Axe Cannabis oil has “the ability both release pleasure hormones and relax the mind.

“It reduces stress and allows a calming and peaceful feeling to take over the body. 

“Chemical components of cannabis, called cannabinoids, activate specific receptors found throughout the body to produce pharmacologic effects, particularly in the central nervous system and the immune system”.

2.     Help You Sleep Fin

If you are the type that finds it hard to sleep, Cannabis oil also works for people with insomnia.

The calming effects of the oil helps people sleep calmly, relieving issues of anxiety and restlessness.

A 2015 scientific review published in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy found that cannabis treatment is effective for military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

3.     It Boosts Appetite

If you are just recovering from an ailment and need to gain weight as fast as possible, cannabis oil can help increase your appetite and give you’re the weight gain that you seek.

You just have to know when to stop.

“The oil also induces hunger and stimulates the digestive system — this is possible because of the hormones that are triggered by cannabis inhalation and consumption,” Dr. Axe wrote.

According to the International Weekly Journal of Science, cannabis can prompt the release of hunger-promoting hormones or it can help to suppress these hormones.

Nerve cells play a key role in this process, as the neurons in the brain release a hunger-suppressing hormone or one that promotes appetite.

4.     Pain Relieving Substance

Cannabis has been used for millennia as a pain relieving substance.

Evidence suggests that cannabinoids may prove useful in pain modulation by inhibiting neuronal transmission in pain pathways.

There is evidence that medical cannabis reduces chronic and neuropathic pain in advanced cancer patients.

cannabis oil
A bottle of cannabis oil

A 2018 study published in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology looked at the effects of medical cannabis on 26 fibromyalgia patients.

The researchers discovered that after an average of about 11 months of medical cannabis use, all of the patients reported a significant improvement in every parameter on the questionnaire, and 13 patients which is 50% stopped taking any other medications for fibromyalgia.

5. Boosts Heart Health

People who have heart issues and are susceptible to heart attack can use cannabis oil for the treatment.

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According to Dr. Axe animal studies suggest that 2-AG, an endocannabinoid, can reduce in tension of the blood vessel walls, which is a positive effect when it comes to many cardiovascular conditions, including hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis and heart attacks.

In 2014, for the first time, the School of Medicine at the University of Nottingham conducted a study suggesting that 2-AG affects blood vessels by causing them to relax and widen. 

6. Help for Skin Problems

Cannabis oil contains THC and topical THC has been shown to suppress allergic contact dermatitis in mice by activating CB1 receptors.

This content makes cannabis oil effective in the treatment of some skin conditions such as eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis (AD) and other forms of dermatitis.

7. May Prevent Cancer

Although the science is still unclear on the subject, cannabis oil is being considered as a natural cancer treatment as well as cancer preventer option.

It may decrease the size of tumours and alleviate nausea, pain, lack of appetite and weakness, Dr. Axe said.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved alternative cannabis oil cancer treatment or use of cannabis oil for any other medical condition, but research shows that it has some anti-cancer properties.

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