“All mothers, grandmothers, aunties, teachers and friends who hide sexual violence are as bad as rapists.

“When we conceal the perpetrators, we shall be encouraging the menace instead of ending it.”

These are the words of Mrs Olaoluwa Abagun, the Executive Director of a women advocacy group, Girls Pride Circle (GPC).

She wants all Nigerians to work collectively to stop sexual violence through reporting of cases and effective law enforcement.

She believes that many cases of sexual violence were not reported because of fear of being stigmatized, victims’ young ages and threats from the culprits.

“Sexual violence perpetrators are usually close relations and neighbours that use several means to lure their victims.

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“The challenge is to find means to make these victims speak out and expose the perpetrators because they threaten the innocent victims who are scared of exposing them,” she told NAN.

Abagun regretted that many children were abused before age 15.

“Some believe that bad dressing by girls contributed to sex violence; this is not true.

“The victims of between two years and seven years, what bad dressing are they guilty of?

“We must clamp down on these rapists and put away their flimsy excuses.

“The best time to achieve it is now,” she said.

She called on the police and judiciary to properly prosecute and punish offenders to serve as a deterrent to others.