Brymo has called out musicians who dump music for politics. The singer shared his view in a recent interview.

He said that there are many issues to address within the entertainment industry and musicians should focus on that, rather than “suddenly dumping music for politics.”

“I think it is a very difficult move in the sense that there are years invested in every industry. So, you’ve been a musician for 10 to 15 years, and suddenly you dump that to go and become a politician and run for office.

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"You’re just a thief because there are issues in the entertainment industry you can take part in to fix.

"Why do you have to run for public office? There are things you can do as a musician in your own music industry and make things better there.

"If you cannot make things better there, how are you going to make things better in public office?” he asked.

Brymo recently released his debut novel entitled ‘Oriri’s Plight’.

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