Think about these words by the Lagos state Commissioner for Transportation, Mr Ladi Lawanson.

“Many Lagosians are guilty of improper behaviour on our roads.

“We all have to accept responsibility for what our state and our city has become, and we all have to accept responsibility for making it better.”

Ladi spoke in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) where he called on residents to eschew unruly attitude on roads and condemn those perpetrating it

He wondered why commuters tolerated motorists and commercial motorcyclists popularly referred to as okada riders flouting traffic rules and regulations.

Instead of condemning arrest or punishment of erring motorists and motorcyclists by law enforcers, residents should be supporting it.

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According to him, citizens’ support for traffic managers and regulatory agencies in the discharge of their duties will reduce bad behaviours on the roads.

He regretted how recklessness by motorists and okada riders endangered lives of other road users and cited a good example.

“We did not initially catch the person who drove that tanker on the Otedola Bridge, which was created to carry only 15 tonnes but carried 33 tonnes which, even if he had the best break, it would not still work out well.

“We did not catch him the first time he was an offender; he ran away; look at what happened,” he said.

But the state government is not discouraged as they have taken measures that required the support of citizens to achieve desired results in traffic management.

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Lawanson said that the government had begun deployment of technology in the enforcement of traffic rules.

The government is also intensifying efforts to change the bad attitudes of commercial motorcyclists and motorists through sensitisation programmes.

Although, he noted that the change of attitude would require much engagement with their unions.

“Enforcement and governance require a lot of engagement, it is not just telling somebody this is what I want you to do,” he said.

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