That feeling, the sound of pleasure, groaning in ecstasy.

He is deep inside you or you are deep inside her really feels great. Doesn't it?

Almost everyone wants to experience it as often as possible.

Lack of great sex has broken many marriages. Some couples are living worlds apart even under the same roof because the lack the 'X' factor.

If you want to sustain a great sex life, there are some simple rules to follow.

sex style and the gender of the child
sex style and the gender of the child

1. Ask for what you want, politely

Unfortunately, your partner won't know what you're unhappy about or what's not working if you don't spit it out.

Honesty is the best policy and if you don't tell your partner, he/she won't know.

How many couples do you know of that broke up due to bad sex? Probably a few and that's because none of them ever spoke up.

So, learn to speak up, be it good or bad, just be polite about it.

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2. It's give and take

Don't ask for what you aren't ready to give.

If you always go down on him (blowjob) and he doesn't then you're in a one-sided relationship.

This however is different for those who prefer to get straight to the main act without foreplay.

To avoid any awkwardness at a later stage, get these issues out the way from the get go.

3. Avoid starring

Regardless of how sexy you might think you are, no one wants to be starred at during sex. 

A quick glimpse once in a while is okay but starring can get rather uncomfortable and weird.

Relationship expert April Davis confirms that as much as sex should be intimate you should limit your eye contact to 5 seconds in intervals.

couple sex

4. Some sounds would be appreciated

Unless you're in a compromising situation where you can't make noise, sounds enhance pleasure during intimacy.

In one way or the other when both you and your partner are making sounds you're signaling to each other on the pleasure you're getting from the act.

Being vocal during intimacy increases your chances of getting more of the good stuff, so throw your shyness out the window.

5. Don't use the 'back door' without asking

If you haven't touched the 'anal topic' then it's best that you do before he does it without asking. 

Exploring is all good and well however anal sex isn't something that you just do without your partner's consent. 

Unlike other sex positions, anal needs preparation and one needs to be totally ready before engaging in it.

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