He was explicit and clear. He did not mince words.

"See, the toll gate is not for everyone. There are alternative routes. 'If You Cannot Afford Ikoyi, Lekki Toll Stay Away".

That's according to the Managing Director of LCC, Mohammed Hassan.

He was making his final rounds of visits to radio stations in Lagos where he is sensitizing people on the need to adhere to the new toll regime which begins on Thursday, February 1, 2018.

Here are 5 facts Bounce News recorded from his chat with Olisa and Osi on Beat FM:

1. The New Price Regime Is Here To Stay

After months of social media campaigns against the price hike, it appears LCC has the backing of state authorities to raise the price.

Motorcycles will pay 200 naira, Saloon Cars 300 naira, SUVs 400 naira and light truck 1,000 naira to pass the Ikoyi Toll.

"Don't blame LCC blame the economy. We operate in an economy where everything is expensive and we are not an island.

"We must reflect the economic situation in our business as well. People have to pay more to continue to enjoy our services. Simple", Hassan said.

On the Lekki tollSaloon cars and tricycles will pay N200 from N120 but N180 with e-tag; SUVs, mini-vans, light pick-up trucks will pay N400 and N360 with e-tag; non-commercial buses with maximum capacity of 26 seats, N1000 and N900 with e-tag; and motorcycles with 200cc capacity and above will pay N200 and N180 with e-tag.

2. LCC Will Remain Till 2041

It's a concession deal with quite a long time attached to it. The LCC has the laws backing and it is only doing business in line with the rule of law.

So, if you have a bone to pick direct it to the Lagos state government and not LCC - but what's really the difference between the two?

Well... this is what Hassan said:

"We are not going anywhere till 30 years from 2011. We started tolling in 2011 and the agreement with the state government is 30 years collection. You can do the maths. But I am sure I will not be here till then (laughs)".

3. You Could Get 50% Discount For Loyalty

Just in case you are wondering the e-tag option seems to be the most profitable if you ply this route regularly.

"We are telling people on TV and radio with jingle that they can use e-tag option very well.

"It is good and a great way to pass in a matter of seconds. But you see some people do not hear word in this Lagos.

"They will not have the tag but they will still go there and block the road causing the long traffic tail."

"We give 10 percent discount once you load your account but if we notice you are loyal and we up kit to as high as 50 percent", Hassan added.

4. If You Beat The Toll We Will Catch You!

Some bad Lagosians have mastered the act of tailing another vehicle to the tolling point and running off without paying the stipulated fare.

That regime has come to an end. There will be no more road runners.

"We are prepared for them now. If you try it we will catch you. You will first pay 100,000 naira as fine.

"We will also make you do street community service for 90 days.

"They have cost us enough damage and we will not tolerate it anymore".

5. 'Exact Fare' Means 'Exact Fare'

When next you pass the toll make sure you look up for where exactly you are queued up. If you do not have the exact fare, I advise you to stay on the longer queues and collect your change.

"Those ones are the worst. They saw it before they join. Exact fare means exact fare.

"We will not give you change for your 1,000 note when you pass the exact fare toll for a 200 naira levy. We will confiscate it.

"That's what the law says", Hassan said to the obviously shocked Osi.