As long as humans must eat to stay alive, agriculture would always be profitable.

The Nigerian government has several times emphasised that it wants to diversify Nigeria's economy and end the nation's dependence on oil.

In line with this desire, the Anambra State government is asking youths to take advantage of the best training in agronomy practices offered by the ministry to boost food production.

The Anambra Commissioner for Agriculture, Afam Mbanefo, told representatives of Governor Willie Obiano that good agronomy practice could boost income of farmers and create more job opportunities.


“With good agronomy practice, vegetable farming can easily net a farmer between 300,000 Naira to 350,000 Naira in 6 weeks.

“We are targeting youths for increased food production in 2017. That is why these programmes are organised periodically to sensitise and encourage youth farming, to boost yield in their farms,” he explained.

Mbanefo attributed the launch of the programme to the governor’s desire to alleviate farmers’ low standard of living.

“Community Farm Development Programme was launched by Governor Obiano to boost the living standard of farmers in the hinterland and bring development to the grassroots.

“This will attract youths into agriculture, thereby giving them a source of income which will make youth restiveness and the prevailing poverty in the society a thing of the past,” the commissioner added.