There is now a clause attached to the taking over of office by a vice president when a president dies or a deputy governor when a governor dies.

A Bill, No. 16, was signed on Friday by the president putting an end to the possibility of a vice president to contest for a second term in office after taking over when a president dies.

President Goodluck Jonathan enjoyed the privilege when he wanted a second term in office that would have made him the only Nigerian President to rule for more than eight years.

With the new law a president or deputy governor that assumes office following the death of his principal, can only contest once after he or she completes the tenure of the late President. 

A spokesman for the President on National Assembly matters, Senator Ita Enang, briefed reporters about the bill on Friday.

He said: “The intent of the Bill No. 16 is to ensure that where a Vice-President succeeds a President or a Deputy Governor succeeds a Governor he can no more contest for that office more than once more.

“The fact is that having taken the oath as president once and you can only contest for the office once again and no more. That is the intent of this amendment".

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The President also signed Bill No. 9 into law.

According to him, Bill No.9 gives the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) sufficient time to conduct bye-elections.

He said that with the president’s signature on the bill, the days for the conduct of bye-elections had been increased from seven to 21 days.

President Buhari also signed into law the Constitution Amendment No. 21, which relates to determination of pre-election matters.

He said the new bill had reduced the days and time of determining pre-election matter to ensure that pre-election matters in courts do not get into the time of election and do not pend thereafter.

“The relevant section of the constitution has also been amended by this Act therefore amending the constitution.

“These Bills added to the `Not Too Young To Run’ Act, have now been assented to by Mr President and they have now become laws.

“And then the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended are hereby further amended by the assents of Mr President to these bills today,’’ he said.