Daniel Craig still has one more James Bond movie before he takes off his spy suit.

Under normal circumstances, that would probably mean that we'd only now be hearing rumors about who will take on the role of 007 after Craig.

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But the rumor mill has been going for a while now, and a black man is being whispered to take over the role for the first time, with Idris Elba as the front runner.

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The rumors started back in 2014, prompting excitement from some fans and revulsion from others at the thought of a non-white James Bond.

Some critics have also said Elba is too old for the role, even though he's 45, while Craig is 50.

But speculation came back to life after Hollywood director, Antoine Fuqua talked to a James Bond producer about bringing Elba aboard after Craig steps down.

However, a representative for Fuqua has denied the story.

Elba then teased fans with a tweet on Sunday, August 12, when he said “my name’s Elba, Idris Elba” mimicking the popular James Bond tagline “My name is Bond, James Bond”

Another name that popped up in the rumour mill to take over from Daniel Craig is Nigerian British Actor, John Boyega.

Fans will find out the truth eventually. Are we really going to get a black James Bond?

See Idris Elba's tweet below:

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