Sometimes, rain, which is meant to be a blessing to humanity, as provided by nature, becomes a burden. 

Imo State is one of such places where rain makes journeys more difficult for commuters. 

A journey from Bayelsa to Enugu Sate usually adds Imo State to one of the locations that the vehicle will navigate before it get to its destination. 

There have been complains about how bad some Imo state roads have become under Governor Rochas Okorocha who is a member of the All Progressives Congress.

Bounce News decided to take a journey from Bayelsa to Enugu to see how bad the road in Osu area has become. 

The journey that had been smooth from Bayelsa to Imo became a nightmare for commuters at this particular spot.  

It had rained the previous night and as such, potholes along the road were filled with muddy water.

The vehicle had reached the untarred road located in Imo State at about 10.15 am.

It was muddy and slippery; passengers were not aware that the journey would now take them eight hours instead of five. 

Their vehicle got stuck in mud and the driver, Mr Nwosu, made attempt to get the vehicle out of it, but his attempts were futile.

He attempted to try the reverse option, but the numbers of vehicle behind made it impossible.

Imo State road in bad shape

Calmly, he adjusted in his seat facing sixteen passengers and two children, most of them sweating profusely and staring at him.

Pointing at a luxurious bus before his own, he explained that it was not just stuck in the mud but had also developed mechanical fault.

He, therefore, pleaded with the passengers to alight and walk back to the major road while he negotiate with some of the community boys, who were already making brisk money from the awful situation.

Eager to get to their destination early, the passengers obeyed while the driver negotiated for his vehicle to be pushed back to the major road.

The incident, which took place between St. Mary's Hospital Umunachi and Aquinas Model Secondary School, Osu in Imo State, left many road users in tears. 

Bright coloured clothing had become brown in toil to bring the vehicle out of the mud.

While this struggle continues, just by the corner are posters of political candidates contesting for the governorship position, and people who saw it turned it into a topic of discussion, questioning why they should get their votes. 

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Standing by the gate of Holy Rosary Nursery and Primary School, the passengers watched as more vehicles got stuck along the mud flooded road.

Gradually, they began to queue behind each other blaring their horns and cursing the government. 

A driver, whose Keke had overturned on a muddy path, told Bounce News that he was a graduate of Mathematics at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. 

Imo State road in bad shape

"I drive on higher purchase and must submit 2,500 Naira daily including on Sundays."

He lamented that the deplorable state of the road within the state have continued to hinder his business. 

Pointing at a road side mechanic he continued; "they have told me now that my brake is bad and I also need to change the side mirror that broke else, Road Safety officials will arrest me".   

He lamented that if there were jobs for graduates in Nigeria he would not be engaging in Keke riding. 

The Keke rider then pleaded with well-meaning Nigerians to provide job for graduates no matter how small.  

An indigene of lkeduru, Mrs Agnes Nnanna, complained about the poor state of the road within the state.

"There is no good road again in lmo State.

"As a teacher in Holy Rosary here, I assist my students to cross the road and wash their muddy feet before they step into the class," she said.

An untarred road in Osu area of Imo State

While these persons make this demand, the driver of the vehicle en-route Enugu was still making efforts to bring the vehicle back to the road. 

When he finally arrived and passengers made themselves comfortable and the journey continue; again, it began to rain.

As the journey progressed, more and more horrible roads were exposed. The road leading to Umulolo Oboli village centre, Umuezeala lsiala Mbaino and Central School, Eziama was an eye sore while the Kilometre 5 Okigwe - Owerri Road was flooded and motorists were seen pushing their vehicles in the downpour.

Movie ticket

The more it rains the more man-hours are lost. 

Few days ago, Uche Nwosu, the son-in-law of the Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, emerged as the flag bearer of the APC (after initially placing 7th in the contest) - their mantra is continuity - but continuation of what exactly?

Meanwhile the opposition will use challenges like these as campaign materials for reference to failed promise; but should our campaigns still be about access to fundamental human rights?

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