Its not 2019 yet and we have so much drama in the polity already.

Kassim Afegbua, the media adviser to the former Nigerian President Babangida has just sent a message to saying the statement earlier signed by him to President Buhari stands.

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All in one day, we have seen a statement from Ibrahim Babangida asking Nigerians to vote Buhari out in 2019, we have seen another one denying it and now the third one saying, ‘we stand by our first statement’.

Affegbua said: “Please, this is to affirm that the earlier statement issued and signed by me on behalf of General IBB stands. We regret the mix-up in a rebuttal issued to contradict the statement. The statement stands.”

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With this statement, one can safely say that the said rebuttal was not fake. So, who wrote it?

Could it be that the IBB camp got confused? Or the Maradona is at it again?

This is one story to keep an eye on.


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