There had been an earlier report that former military leader, Ibrahim Babangida, wants President Buhari to stand down in 2019 and even asked Nigerians to vote him out if he refuses to step down.

Now, the evil genius, as some Nigerians like to call him, has released a statement to deny the earlier statement attributed to him, all within 24 hours.

The issue is that there seems to be two different versions of the new statement of denial.

One reads: “My attention has been drawn to a report making rounds especially online in which I was quoted as advising Nigerians not to vote for President Muhammadu Buhari in the coming 2019 election.

“Not only is the said statement untrue, it is in its entirety, an inaccurate representation of my view of the state of our dear Nation.

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“As a former President and an elder statesman, I have existing communication channels through which I reach out to President Muhammadu Buhari on topical issues of national importance, should there be the need so to do.

“The media, both online or mainstream and indeed the unsuspecting public are advised to disregard such false reports.”

Then another one quoted him to have said: “Let me categorically state that as a former President and Statesman, I have unfettered access and channel of communication with the highest authorities in the country without necessary going public with a sensational statement.

“Therefore, the views expressed in the alleged statement are not mine but that of the writer.”

With the latter looking like someone throwing stones at a certain fellow stateman who likes writing letters, perhaps we should stick with the subtle one as the right statement.


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