Houses, worship centres and vehicles were submerged after a downpour caused in many parts of Ibadan, Oyo State, on Tuesday.

Most of the affected areas are located close to river banks.
They include: Orogun, Akinyele, Onipepeye on Old Ife road, Dandaru junction on Mokola/UCH road and Olodo.

Eyewitnesses say residents of the affected areas were trapped in their homes because of the flooding.

While many of them erected makeshift elevated platforms in front of their homes, others took refuge on rooftops and higher floors of their houses.

Unconfirmed reports say a commercial motorcyclist was swept away by flood waters early on Wednesday.

Some owners of affected houses blamed residents who dump refuse into the rivers and streams for the blocked drains.

Victims also blamed the government for sacking private waste management companies without providing an alternative.

The Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Adisa Isola, however, said government made enough efforts to avert the incident; and blamed those who built houses and shops on water channels without adhering to setback rules.