IAAF is willing to keep Russia suspended from track and field competitions.

This is because Russia refused to fully accept the findings of an investigation into its state-sponsored doping scheme.

On Thursday, there will be a meeting of IAAF member associations where the issue will be discussed further ahead of the World Athletics Championship which begins on Friday.

In the meeting, IAAF will be asked to maintain the ban on Russia that was imposed in 2015 after World Anti-Doping Agency investigator, Richard McLaren exposed how failed drug tests were covered up.

Rune Andersen, the IAAF's Russia task force chairman, wants assurances that the McLaren report's findings "have been properly acknowledged and addressed, and there will be no repetition."

The Russian athletics federation "has not yet demonstrated to the satisfaction of the task-force that it has established a strong anti-doping culture within its sport, or that it has created an open environment that encourages whistle-blowing," Andersen added in a report published on Monday to the IAAF Council.

Andersen acknowledged that Russia is making progress in cleaning up its doping culture, including "satisfactory cooperation" with French criminal authorities, but says action is still required in key areas.

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