Even renowned Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie has been a victim of sexual assault.

The writer revealed that when she was 17, a "big man in the media in Lagos, Nigeria" squeezed her breasts.

The writer made this revelation during an address at the just concluded Stockholm Forum for Gender Equality.

While delivering the closing keynote address, Chimamanda said she took her book of poems to a "big man in the media" so he could support her in publishing the book.

Instead he was allegedly more interested in the flesh around her chest.

She said he was friendly at first and impressed that someone her age had written a book, however his appreciation of her mind turned to her flesh, as he slipped his hand under her shirt and bra, then squeezed her breast.

She said the shock paralysed her at first, before she gently remove his hand.

She said:

"Later that day, I broke into a rash on my chest, my neck, my face, as though my body were recoiling, as though my body were saying what my lips had not said.

"I felt a deep loathing for that man and for what he did. I felt as if I didn't matter, as if my body existed merely as a thing to be done with as he wanted.

"Yet, I told no one about it. And I kept talking to him, being polite, hoping he will help with my book."

Hopefully her speaking out will make other women who have been raped or sexually assaulted speak out.