We like it when they share photos of cars and houses but it’s a good thing when celebrities share their not-so-pleasant stories to let fans know that success didn’t just fall on them.

Chika Ike stands out for being not just a celebrity but a role model.

The Nollywood actress has revealed how she was rejected by her father from birth because he wanted a male child.

Since the release of her book, Boss Up, the beautiful actress has opened up on the many experiences that inspired her to write the book.

In a post on Instagram, she said, “I was rejected from birth by my father because he didn’t want a girl.

“So, it (that section) talks about me, my challenges growing up and the rejection I faced from my family.


“The book also talks about the business world because people think I like money.”

The book apparently has many sections that deal with different areas of life including her life, career, business and being a celebrity.

“I grew up with nothing and don’t want to be a failure and I always push myself to succeed. I want to challenge myself to be somebody people thought I can never be.

“In the business world (section), I talk about how to have a successful business. I went to Harvard Business School. Harvard Business School was a launch pad for me because I found myself in a room with professionals – big people who run global businesses – sitting among business tycoons. I talked about tricks and how to run a successful business.

Try again

Chika Ike also highlighted the importance of the society in human’s existence. To run a successful business empire goes beyond huge money, she explained.

“When I was in Harvard Business School, the first two weeks was about personal case studies and personal development. I was given a coach and I was like I didn’t come here to talk about my family and my life. But the school authority realizes that before you can be successful in your business you must deal with the home front first.

“I spoke so much about my life, family and how I was rejected by my father who was a good husband and father to all his children. But I didn’t have a good relationship with him growing up.

“I learnt early that you have to fight for yourself because at the end of the day, it is you alone. I talked about my father, my mother and my siblings.”