Bobrisky left Nigeria but never made it into the UK, as he was turned back at the Heathrow Airport.

After he was refused entry, it was rumored that Bobrisky had been deported and banned by the British authorities.

Nigeria’s male Barbie and cross dresser has explained why he was turned back at Heathrow airport in the United Kingdom on Friday night, September 7, 2018.

The cross-dresser stressed that he was neither deported nor banned from entering the United Kingdom.

Bobrisky alleged that someone reported him to the airport authorities before his arrival, and told them that that he is visiting the country to make money.

"I was only asked to go get the right visa. U all forgot so soon that I’m a strong soul, nothing can break me .And as for the SNITCH who went to tell the immigration I’m coming to work so sad u are pained that u can see me grow in success. Let me correct ur impressions darling we know u but i won’t mention ur name I went to Uk to relax and enjoy myself not to make money.

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"I make nothing less than 1million a month in my country, I became so famous in my county, Snapchat pay me in my country so tell me why I won’t love my country NIGERIA ??. Out of dis money I make monthly I still help the needs who need my help.

"UK immigration treated me awesome because they went through my past record of all the country I have visited for the past few years and there was no BAD record. So nothing still change my coming to Uk ??. I came home voluntarily to get the right visa I’m coming Uk lovers," he wrote in a statement.

UK fans might just have to wait a bit longer.

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