One of the things Kalu Ikeagwu learnt after moving back to Nigeria from the United Kingdom is that living in Lagos teaches you about life.

“Living in Lagos teaches you about life. It tells you that life isn’t your friend” he said to Bounce News in an exclusive chat.

The film star said this while recounting some of the craziest things about living in Lagos.

While shooting the movie ‘Between Two Worlds’, Kalu Ikeagwu who plays a ghost in the movie says the director made him shoot a particular scene five times, and it is not a scene where he is kissing a fellow film star.

In the scene, he gets knocked down by a car, so he repeats the scene five times, and lives to tell the story.

The actor, who says that he would have been a teacher if he were not acting, also explains how even his celebrity status could not save him from officers of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA).

"I went somewhere to buy something, I parked in the wrong place, so a LASTMA tow truck towed my car and I couldn’t fathom how to bring out 70,000 Naira to get that car back. So  I hopped on an okada (motorcycle), chased after them and hung on to the wing mirror of the truck that was towing the car and forced them to stop, everything ended well” he said.

Kalu Ikeagu who will star in the 'Living In Bondage' sequel also spoke to Bounce News about being a father and revealed that he is still getting a hang of his new status.

''Being a father shows me how much God is patient with me. It is still surreal I have not gotten used to it, “ he shared.

Hopefully, when crazier things happen to this versatile actor, he would not be shy to tell us.

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