Issa Lukman joined buccaneer confraternity on February 8, 2018.

Little did he know or foresee any trouble as he expect to enjoy, dominate and rule his life.

He is just 21-years-old and the youthful exuberance is at its peak, such that he may want to try as many things as possible.

He was lured in and joined the cult on February 8, but one week later, he was arrested when his gang members fired gunshots in the air inside school during examinations.

Police was drafted in, and arrests were made, with Lukman so unlucky, or maybe lucky.

He was paraded at the Police Force Headquarters in Ikeja on Monday. Bounce News had a one-on-one chat with Lukman.

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“I am a student of YABATECH and a member of buccaneer, I was arrested when one of us was having his final paper on February 16, and we were just trying to jubilate that he has finished his exams. In the process of celebration some of the members shot in the air, it’s not that we were robbing because we guys don’t do shit and we don’t tolerate shit.”

“Shit like stealing, robbery, we don’t do it.”

Bounce News asked what Lukman and his gang member were doing with guns, since they don’t rob, he was confident with his reply.

“We are using it to just, errrrm, if they have any issue with their opponent, that’s what they use gun to do, you understand.”

The Ordinary National Diploma (OND) 2 student is feeling remorseful and regrets being part of the group. He had his own exam to write on February 16 and 17, but he was in police custody on both days.

“Its not that I willingly joined, they forced me to join them, especially one Dimeji, the guy who wrote his final paper we were celebrating.

“I feel so bad, if I knew this is how its going to be, I would not have joined cult.”

Fortunately for Dimeji, he escaped on the day and is on the run, but police has vowed to clamp him and other members down.

For Lukman, he will be charged to court, and be made to face the wrath of the law if found guilty.

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