Lolo 1 of Every says she might be considering walking down the isle again but this time with the right man.

The host and actress, whose formal name is Omotunde Adebowale, said being a super star single mum is difficult especially when she has to combine parental and professional duties.

“When the right man finds me, I will definitely remarry. Being single at my age is very challenging and you never know it until you get there,'’ she said in a recent interview.

“A lot of people just demonise women that are single. You hear about domestic violence every day, although I never experienced it.‘If they leave, people demonise them; when they stay, they get battered or their lives don’t move forward.

“There are many psychological issues that can go on in a person’s life beyond beating. When they die, people start asking why they didn’t leave.When I find someone that understands me completely and that we can put our hands on each other and make it work, I will definitely give it a shot.” She added.

Lolo1 has three beautiful children and she has contributed significantly to rural woman and girl child empowerment initiatives.