When he played an armed thief in the movie “Wedding Party”, Sambasa Nzeribe says he was shaking and scared because he was in the same room with some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry.

In the movie his character held up the characters played by Banky W, Ali Baba, Ireti Doyle, RMD, Sola Sobowole in the gift room during a wedding party.

He says it was an honour to work with such great talent on one movie project, and these people who have continued to inspire him.

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But the actor and back-to-back AMVCA winner who is popular for his gun totting, ‘hard man’ roles in several of his movies, says if he could create a controversy that would help promote his brand to the level of the stars he shared the same room with on the 'Wedding Party' party movie set, he says he would chose dating Aliko Dangote’s daughter.

“I mean this is the daughter of a billionaire. I want to have something with Dangote’s daughter, that would be a good controversy to associate the name Samabsa” he said while speaking to Bounce News.

Speaking on movies and the Nigerian audience, Sambasa said the Nigerian audience is hard to please.

''Nigerians are stubborn people, and they are hard to please, they are very hard to please. It is very hard for people to give Nollywood a chance, especially when film makers try they start to compare you with Hollywood” he told Bounce News.

“In Hollywood they have the right budget, they have constant electricity, no agberos are disturbing them  and they have movie  studios. Because Nollywood lacks movie studios, sound will always be an issue because you don’t have a controlled environment.

''Nigerians should give Nollywood a chance and give constructive criticism” he added.