Everyone knows Orezi for songs like ''Shoki'', ''Double Your Hustle'' and his latest single, ''Born Broke, Die Rich''.

But something that no one knows about this amiable musician is that as a child, he stole a lot from his mother to keep up with the trends of the time while he was growing up.

“I used to steal my mother’s money a lot growing up. It's something that a lot of us did when we were young.

''I used the money to buy Nike sneakers and Tommy Hilfiger clothes to feel among,'' he shared with Bounce News in an exclusive chat.

''No talk say you go rob bank because Orezi say im steal, nah from my mama small money I steal oh! I stopped when I realized that it does not make sense and it did not  help me be a better person” he continued.

Orezi who broke into the music industry in 2013 when he released his hit single titled “Rihanna”, toldBounce News that even though he had a quiet 2018, he plans to release an album or two, depending on how the first album sells.

''I plan to release an album in 2019, I might release a second album, it depends on how well the first album is well received” he explained

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