Ekaette Obot is a grandmother who has a weird way of solving her daughter's financial challenges.

In a bid to 'reduce' her daughter's burden, she decided to sell her grandchild for N200,000.

Obot claimed she sold the child to free her daughter, Blessing Okon (18) of burden.

The state Commissioner of Police, Adeyemi Ogunjemilusi, said in Uyo on Tuesday that Obot, who is also pregnant, told the police that as soon as she was delivered of the baby, she would sell it.

He said, “This is the mother to this lady. As soon as her daughter gave birth she sold the child for N200,000. She is pregnant and she is saying that as soon as she puts to bed, she is going to sell her own baby also.”

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Ogunjmilusi revealed that the police had also arrested 275 other suspects for various offences which include: murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, rape and cultism.

He said most of the suspects had been charged to court, while others were being investigated, adding that the police had prosecuted 193 cases and secured 23 convictions.

He said that a 21-year-old man, Michael Charlie, who was found in police uniform, has also been apprehended.

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