Liberia’s new President George Weah is not a very happy man.

And this is because Liberia is broke.

On Tuesday, Weah pledged to fight corruption as he spoke about conditions in his “broke country” on the first day of an official visit to Paris, promising to cure his country of its lean purse.

The former international football star who, took office on January 22, is faced with a dire economic situation in Liberia following two civil wars and a deadly Ebola epidemic between 2013 to 2015.

“I inherited a country that is very broke, depleted by political malfeasance. We have to make sure that the things that happened will not happen again,” Weah said during a conference.

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“I ordered a complete audit to make sure that what belongs to the government goes to the government,” Weah said.

Weah also spoke about another top priority, education for young people who represent 60% of Liberia’s 4.7 million inhabitants.

“I believe in education. Yes, I didn’t have the opportunity in my early days but after my career I went back to school. Today I can boast of a master’s degree,” said the new leader, who grew up in a Monrovia slum.

Founded 170 years ago by freed slaves, Liberia is “the oldest African country but we don’t have an engineering school. We don’t even have a diagnosis centre to tell if someone has Ebola,” Weah said, vowing to do more to get children in school and “to leave the streets”.

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