For film maker and director, Daniel Oriahi the reception of his latest film Date Night has produced mixed feelings.

While 'Sylvia' got selected for the Nollywood Film festival in the far away city of Paris, Date Night was alleged to have been received poorly in Nigeria with people walking out 30 minutes into screening at cinemas.

The 2018 Nollywood Week Film Festival in Paris in its sixth outing selected Oriahi's film to be shown titled 'Sylvia'

In the film, Richard Okezie is loyal when it comes to love, which is good since Sylvia, his childhood friend and the woman of his dreams, takes loyalty seriously.

The two have always been inseparable until the day Richard meets Gbemi, the “real” love of his life.

The film stars Zainab Balogun, Chris Attoh, Ini Dima-Okojie, Udoka Oyeka.

The movie will also be premiering at Nigerian cinemas some time in September.

Bounce News reached out to Daniel Oriahi to get a reaction for his film being selected.

"I am humbled. This will be 3rd time a film I directed will be shown, after Taxi driver and my first film, Misfits. I am excited about this film because we spent more money and time in making the film, and it is the  kind of story I connect with" he said.

He also pointed out that it was a serious film and did not know how Nigerians will react when they watch it, after getting reports that people were walking out of his film 'Date Night' currently showing in Nigerian cinemas

'Date Night' tells the story of a playboy who is held hostage by the woman he brings home for the night, and it turns into a struggle for survival between the two.
It stars Adesua Etomi-Wellington  (The Wedding Party) and Deyemi Okanlawon (Royal Hibiscus Hotel) in the lead roles.

"I got reports that people were walking out because they were not happy with the fact that the it is a four man cast film, and it is a serious film.

"Television is the driving force for most cinema films in Nigeria, and comedy plays an important part.

"Nigerians are looking for a way to escape from their realities, so they do not want anything serious" he said.

However, he believes that things can change.

"Even though I  have accepted my fate; I believe things will eventually change.

"I am grateful for opportunity to make great films like Date Night and Sylvia, even if they do not make one naira, I am proud of them", he said.