Show promoter, Kogbagidi, just last week said Lil Kesh's music career might have ended.

While reacting to Kogbagidi’s statement, Kesh tweeted that the Internet is like a market square and those who can’t take care of their baby mamas would always want to take out their anger on others.

Now in a recent interview, Kogbagidi said that even though he had nothing against Lil Kesh, the YAGI boss must have been drunk when he wrote the tweet.

“I am happily married and blessed with kids. If you check my Instagram page, you will see photos of my family, so if  he (Lil Kesh) says I have a baby mama, he must have taken something strong, because my family  live in the United Kingdom and I visit them frequently” he explained.

He insisted that he only made an honest assessment of Lil Kesh ’s music career.

“After Lil Kesh left YBNL, Olamide signed new artistes. What I said shouldn’t be an issue as I was only evaluating the industry. I am a fan of Lil Kesh, but he is not doing well now.

''Lil Kesh  should work on his music, but  If he takes what I say personal, then he is not a good musician" Kogbagidi added.

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