Sexy actress, Biodun Okeowo, aka Omobutty, recently uploaded a behind the scenes picture of herself on a movie set. 

In the picture, she was semi-nude on the bed with a male actor who had his hands on her breast. 

Many of her followers berated her for the picture, saying it was indecent.

However, the actress told Sunday Scoop that she didn’t have any regret for posting the picture. 

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She said, “The picture was taken on the set of a movie, Blackmail. I featured in the movie alongside other actors such as Liz Da Silva, Joseph Jayeoba, Adeniyi Johnson, among others. 

"I didn’t see the comments claiming that the picture was immoral because once there are over 50 comments on my post, I don’t read them anymore. Even if I had read them, I wouldn’t have felt sad because I was doing my job. I was only being professional. I have no regret posting the picture.”

Maintaining that she doesn’t flaunt her figure, she stated, “I don’t agree that I always flaunt my body; I am just being me. Some people ask if I have to turn my back whenever I take pictures, and I wonder how I would snap pictures without doing that. 

"No matter how I pose, the gifts God gave me would show. If a slim person should pose sideways for a picture, I’m sure that nobody would complain; but if I do the same, people would say all sorts.”

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