At just 23, he has been involved directly and indirectly in the death of at least nine people.

Gbenga Ogunsanya, a member of the Aye fraternity in Abeokuta confessed killing nine people and injuring others with his gangs mates.

He claims to have joined the cult in May 2017.

Ogunsanya, who is now in the custody of Special Anti-Robbery squad in Magbon, Abeokuta, spoke to Bounce News.

He says his preferred weapons include an axe, charms and guns.

Nick named Spartacus, the trained meat butcher revealed that they have their hideout at Ago Ika in Abeokuta South Local Government Area (LGA) where they smoke hemp with young girls and discuss their next move.

He said they would trail their targets to street carnivals and parties to at the venue.


"We killed a member of Eye fraternity called Gobe at Lafenwa because he was dragging a lady with us and we butchered him and his members.

"We later heard that he died from the injury he sustained from the fight.

"I lost one of my eyes during a fight in Lagos where someone smashed unknown object on my left eye.

"Our squad is a young one and we have as young as 16-year old.”

Spartacus was arrested alongside one of his mates after injuring members of a rival cult group in Abeokuta in January 2018.

He said he was introduced to the group by a friend who frequently tells him that he could use his ruggedness and stubbornness to make name for himself.

The suspected cult member explained that he attended Unity High School at Sabo in Abeokuta, where he was regarded as a stubborn student among his peers.

Also, a member of his gang, Olubode Kuwan also known as Soromen told Bounce News that he joined the Aye group due to peer pressure.

20-year old Kuwan whose father is an herbalist says he steals some of the charms he uses from his father’s office.