Do you know Kelechi Udegbe?

Maybe not. He is the Nollywood actor who plays the now famous LASTMA officer, 'Officer Titus', on a web-series on Ndani TV.

Officer Titus is the funnily-annoying traffic officer, who has a way of getting himself into trouble while trying to carry out his duty.

"Officer Titus is a brand that has helped push my brand to the next level, people always stop to say hello whenever we are on set.

"In fact there was a mammoth crowd that came to one of the sets; so we stopped so that we can interact with the crowd before we continued," Kelechi told Bounce News.

"When police and LASTMA officers stop me; we joke about my being officer Titus", he added.

He confesses to even having gay fans.

"Once a guy stopped his car and said 'hmm officer Titus', while  licking his lips, and I was like 'Nooooo!" Kelechi  said before bursting into laughter.

Kelechi Udegbe plans to use his new found status in politics.

He claims that even though he has no plans to be elected into office, he wants to use his influence to get people to vote wisely.

"I am not going into politics, to contest for a post, but to influence my community to get their PVC and  be sure that they vote in the right people, after all anybody can be politician," Kelechi said.