It does not matter what Nigerians may think, the man they elected to run the affairs of their country has given himself a pass mark.

President Muhammadu Buhari visited Yola, the Adamawa State capital on Tuesday and while paying homage to the Yola Monarch, Lamido of Adamawa, he boasted that he had fulfilled the promises made to electorate during his 2015 political campaign.

Buhari said the ongoing fight against corruption and maintaining peace and security were among the priorities of his administration.

“We appreciate security progress in the North East and the country at large,” adding that the economy has improved, especially in agriculture.

“We are lucky that for the past two years farmers across the country experienced excellent harvests,” Buhari said.

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He said the Federal ministry of agriculture and Central Bank of Nigeria would continue to support farmers in years to come to sustain sufficient national food production and economic growth.

In response, Barkindo advised Buhari not to listen to the call by some “empty barrel Nigerian elite” that he should not seek re-election.

“I am calling you to remain focused, stand firm and don’t listen to the empty barrels Nigerian elite who are calling you not to re-contest for 2019 Presidential election.

“They are burying their heads in shame and telling people that Buhari’s led Government has done nothing,” Barkindo said.


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