Veteran Yoruba actress, Kudirat Odukanmi Eluyemi otherwise known as Iyabo Oko has just revealed that she has been ill for the past one year.

The actress, who is healthy now, says she was diagnosed with stroke in June 2016.

In a recent interview, the actress narrated her ordeal saying,

"I thank God almighty for sparing my life till this moment. The devil tried his best but God showed him that He is truly Alpha and Omega. What happened was that, that very day, after I woke up from my sleep very early in the morning and I attempted to talk, I just found out that I couldn’t talk any longer and I was told it was a partial stroke. 

"I was taken to a hospital and I was treated, the doctors really tried their best. The hospital is called 68 Military Hospital, Yaba, Lagos''.

The actress who visited the hospital several times, said she was worried because many people have died after having stroke.

“After many trials at the hospital, I could still not talk, I was discharged and my son came back from abroad, he rushed me to UK and I spent like one  month.” she said.

Her son employed a  therapist and after a month, she started talking before being sent to India for proper medical attention.

“I spent 7 months in India receiving treatment at home. I give glory to God almighty that I am now okay. I do exercises frequently, I go out and I do all things, the only difference you will notice about me now is that I am not as agile as I used to be

"I have lost a lot of weight and I love it like that because I now keep fit. You hear different stories about Nollywood stars which were adding more  to the illness I was already suffering from. But thank God, Jesus conquered for me” she said.

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