How safe do you think that your money in the bank is?

With all the security measure put in place by banks, Abdulmalik Usman and Najeeb Saidu, were able to by pass them, hack into customers' account and make money disappear.

The suspects, whose names were given as Abdulmalik Usman and Najeeb Saidu, both of IBB Road, Hill Top, Minna, were apprehended by police operatives attached to some banks.

Northern City News gathered that the suspects had been involved in the crime for over three years before they were nabbed.

In a confessional statement, the prime suspect, Usman, boasted that he could defraud an individual by simply hacking into his bank account with the aid of software.

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Usman said: “This is what I know how to do. I just installed the software in the system and it works like a magic; I can withdraw any amount I want.

“The software can be used to withdraw money from any bank in Nigeria and you will begin to make your cool money without police hassles. They (police) don’t even understand how it works.”

The state Police spokesman, Muhammad Abubakar, confirmed the arrest, saying the suspects had confessed to the crime.

Abubakar said police operatives recovered five Automated Teller Machine cards belonging to different banks, hard drugs and a Command Secondary School identity card from the suspects.

When Bounce News spoke to a bank IT developer who does not want his name mentioned, he said it is a near impossibility for a bank account to be hacked unless there is a compromise.

He said: "If you confirm well enough, the arrested suspects must have used social engineering means to get customers' security details.

"That is why banks are campaigning to educate customers not to release their security details to anyone either via mail or phone.

"No software can access customer's account with access to customer's security details like ATM PIN. Internet banking password, transaction tokens via SMS unless there is a compromise by the customer.

When asked about the involvement of the IT guys handling the back end, he said there was a level of access to which they have.

He said: "It takes someone like a super administrator to access those details and can't even be accessed singly. You need other super administrators to access such file".

The situation has again highlighted the need for individuals to keep information about their bank accounts secret, as compromise will aid hacking. 

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