According to an interview originally published by The Cable, and obviously reused by other online media, Nigerian filmmaker, Pascal Atuma, said that he said only prostitutes and homosexuals make it in Nollywood.

He was quoted to have said that the ladies in Nollywood use what they have to get what they want while the men use their a*s to get what they want.

The industry fought back with the likes of actress Ruth Kadiri taking the lead by asking Atuma to stop generalizing or shut it if he has nothing to say.

We expect him to deny it and he has done exactly that. And from his explanation, this looks like another case of being misquoted.

Or shall we say Atuma spoke “off record” to people he should not have trusted?

Truly, he granted an interview to a journalist friend of his whom he had known for several years but he arrived at the venue with five of his colleagues from other media houses.

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“The interview was centered mostly on football. After the interview, we all engaged in a light-hearted conversation about the changes in Nollywood.

“The conversation veered into how lots of producers and directors were taking advantage of young women in the industry, and at some point, I passionately berated some of them who have deliberately forced young women to compromise themselves for movie roles," Atuma said in the official statement.

He said he was as shocked as the rest of us who read the story that he called all successful women in Nollywood prostitutes, and their male counterparts homosexuals.

Coming at a time when many actors are complaining about how badly paid they were and how some of their colleagues' flaunting of affluence and fake life makes things more difficult, it was easy to believe.

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But he explained he couldn't have spoken the way he was quoted to have spoken.

"Women have for eternity, been the pillars of our society. They are strong, fierce and resilient and the growth of our beloved Nollywood would not have been possible without women.

“As a father, brother and friend to women, I do not and would never take women for granted, and I also have no problems whatsoever with anyone’s sexual orientation.

“Since the story was published, I’ve had the chance to explain this to some of my colleagues who have reached out to me privately, and I would forever be grateful to them for seeking the truth."

He went on to apologized to everyone who felt offended by the story.

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