Wazobia FM On-Air Personality, Nedu is clearly a funny man.

Just listening to him read news on the station, or watching any of his hilarious skits on Instagram is enough to cheer up anyone feeling a little blue.

But all of that good cheer can come under threat if his partner is upset with him.

In an exclusive chat with Bounce News, Nedu described himself as an emotional person who cries easily, hence his inability to withstand hurt from a partner.

"I'm a very emotional person, and I cry very easily. It's sad but I'm the kind of person who can't function if the person I'm dating is mad at me" he said.

Describing a recent episode in which he couldn't function as a result of a quarrel with his partner, Nedu revealed that his co-presenters kept asking what the matter was.

When Nedu is not reading the news or discussing social issues on Wazobia FM, he is entertaining his Instagram followers with aliases, Nkechi and Oga Landlord.