He recently celebrated his 80th birthday to the joy of many, particularly, Ijesa sons and daughters and one would think it is time to slow it down.

But the Owa Obokun of Ijesaland, Oba Gabriel Adekunle Aromolaran says there is no stopping him.

From the video of him dancing to the music of a local musician at a recent event in Osogbo, one could tell that Kabiyesi isn’t ready to give up the groove.

And just after his entertaining display, the mercurial king went on to declare that he is sure to live to 200 years.

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"Some people said I should celebrate my birthday often but I told them I will start to celebrate that often when I become 100 years because that is my own 40 years.

"Look, I am going to surprise many people by living up to 200 years," he said.

Of course, after his dance he needed not sweat to convince the audience but Kabiyesi had more to say, just in case there was an Uncle Thomas at the event.

"I can still handle a woman actively, for your information. All parts of my body are still functioning. If you doubt it you can come and try it."

No need to wonder what the reaction of the audience was, but before we send him a new bride, it will be nice to first try Kabiyesi with the music of Olamide, the one titled Wo!


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