Neo Phlames is an emerging talent on the Nigerian music scene who is determined to make it big like the big stars he idolizes.

Born Adeniyi Adewoyin, he studied Mass Communication at the Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorudu.

In a recent chat with Bounce News, the Lagos-based upcoming musician, gave interesting responses to some of the most common questions celebrities are usually faced with.

First, was his response to the usual, “where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?”

“Five years is just too much when I see everybody's playlist topping world music charts and making lots of money,” he said.

Then came the famous one, ''Are you in a relationship?''

He replied, “No. But I am seriously crushing on Niniola. She is everything to me, she's just too cool, My kind of woman.”

Someone needs to tell the sexy Maradona crooner about this dude. Perhaps she likes them young... you never can tell.

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Neo Phlames has released two singles, Arambada and Logba and also has a video for Logba, which he says is doing well on major TV stations.

He is hoping to work with 9ice and Oritse Femi and believes his music will soon catch their attention.

One of his challenges has been trying to do well in school while doing his music, but the toughest challenge is funding and the payola culture in music promotion.

“Most radio and TV stations won't air your songs if you don't have money to pay them, which is wrong because you even brought them content. Which stations can function without content?

“Some even collect your money and play your music once or twice and it’s over. But thank God for where I am today. I've met some really good ones in the industry.”

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