Does Peter Okoye really have anything to prove? Well apparently he feels he does.

One half of the now laid to rest, P-Square, Peter Okoye still feels the need to prove himself after making great music for over a decade with his twin brother, Paul.

Mr P, as he now wishes to be called, has gone solo to prove to the world that he is more than a dancer, and apart from busting moves, can also write songs and sings as well as his twin brother, Paul.

Peter's desire to sing and write songs can be traced as one of the reasons why the brothers split up in the first place.

During their first feud in 2015, Paul Okoye had gone on Twitter to list all the P-Square hit songs he wrote, and this would have rubbed Peter off the wrong way, leaving him with an urge to prove his worth.

To this end, here are 3 times Peter has emphasized that he is ''a bunch of talent''.

1. In an interview with Hip TV in July last year he revealed it hurts that people only see him as a dancer, and that he was the one who built P-Square’s structure.

2. In 2016, he also dropped a single titled ‘Look In To My Eyes’ to prove to ‘nay-sayers’ that his vocal cords could belt out great tunes, and his abilities to pen lyrics were on 'fleek'.

3. Last Friday on September 29, he  wrote on Instagram “ Things that you don’t know about me! Don’t be deceived by what they told y’all. I AM! and I repeat! I AM A GREAT SINGER and A Multi-instrumentalist and A Great Dancer! Don’t be Deceived! One love”

Alright Peter, we hear you.