He looks the part- dreads, bought two posh cars in 6 months, lives in Lekki and works from home.

He may have all the signs of a yahoo boy but Zoro says he love to rap and has no plan to relent anytime soon.

He says he has achieved his childhood dream to take his family of 8 from living in one small room to a duplex in Onitsha, Anambra state.

He spoke to Bounce News about his achievements, his unpopular status in Lagos and his dream for the future.

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“I actually play a lot of shows, judging from my lifestyle I do not tell people where I am going.

"I can be on the road from 4 months, I play a lot of shows, I am a hero ambassador, I don't do anything fraud, I am a clean boy, I am not a Yahoo boy", he said.

He also took time to explain how he has been able to get a lot of gigs in Eastern Nigeria, and how he hopes to break into the Lagos market.

"It is important to know how to make sellable rap songs, very few rappers are able to make sellable rap songs.

"I took time to study to know how to rap and get this money. Rap and learn to put balance to it to make money. That is how I have been able to get all the shows in the East”, he told Bounce News.

Zoro says he wants to release that 'one song' that will be on everyone's lips, before he drops his debut album.

“I want to make a song as popular as the Nigerian national anthem before I drop an album, until then I will just be dropping singles and videos” he added.

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