Bobrisky has struck again!

The Snapchat star took to his Instagram page on Wednesday to complain that he is having menstrual pain.

The self-proclaimed male barbie doll said he has been finding it hard to sleep because of the discomfort in his tummy.

He first talked about his ‘womanhood’ last year when he went on a rant about sex and a relationship and why he thinks women should demand payment after having sex with their partners.

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To justify his idea about getting paid after sex, the famous cross dresser says it is because he, like other women, menstruate every month.

“Imagine I’m going through hard pain here and one idiot will now tell me he/she likes me without giving me some dollars. I will swear for you,” he begins, adding, “My monthly period comes with so much pain.”

Now Bobrisky is menstruating again.

This new claim will  definitely trigger major conversation especially among women - fans and critics.


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