He begged and made 1.2 million Naira in 30 minutes.

Love him or hate him, Ray HushPuppi keeps getting paid by the day.

The flamboyant big boy wished on Snapchat that he had friends who would just send him $1,000 to spoil himself for the weekend.

Then basically dared those who claim to be his friends to prove their friendship.

Within minutes, one friend asked for his account details and in a blink of an eye, had transferred 300,000 Naira to HushPuppi.

Just like that!

Not to be left behind in the proof of friendship another person transferred half a million naira to the controversial Nigerian.

Money continued to fall on Hushpuppi as he received a further N400,000 from a third person soon after, then he joked about being a professional beggar.

Won't you just want to have Hushpuppi’s friends?

hushpuppi beg
hushpuppi beg
hushpuppi beg