Adelanwa Bolanle who is a retired civil servant has been married to Adelanwa Rasak for 35 years and they are blessed with three children.

But don’t be fooled by the years, the marriage has not been blissful. Bolanle finally had to file for divorce at the Customary Court Grade C Oja Oba in Ibadan, Oyo state.

For years, she suffered in the hands of a Rasak who is addicted to alcohol and misbehaves by battering his woman every time he gets drunk.

"I built the house in which we live in, I bought two vehicles for him which he spoilt. I wish to divorce him because he is a habitual drunkard, he beats me up whenever he is drunk and destroys all the properties in the house.

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"I left the house so as not to get killed by him and there is no more love in the marriage. He left all his responsibility on my shoulder, I cater for the needs of my children and also for myself," she lamented

Rasak who is an automobile electrician (rewire), however did not wish to let go.

"I still love her, it is true that she built the house and I have never been unfaithful to her during the time the construction of the house was ongoing, and I admit that I am a drunk," he confessed.

But the issue is that 35 years was enough time if Rasak was ever going to change. That was how Chief Odunade Ademola J.P saw it and he ruled that both parties should go their separate ways.

He also ruled that Rasak should vacate the house in October.

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