Hussainat Mohammed and Ismaila Agboola had been “married” for four years but there has been no affection as the lady claimed.

She said that she got married to the Ismaila in November 2013, under Islamic rites and that they had lived apart since the consummation of the marriage.

Hussainat said that Agboola lives in Lagos, and visits her twice or three times in a year, adding that she takes care of their 2-year-old daughter without any assistance from Agboola.

Hussainat filed the petition for divorce in September 2016 at a Gudu Grade 1 Area Court, Abuja.

Unsurprisingly, Agboola did not object to the divorce.

On Thursday, the court dissolved the 4-year-old marriage based on the allegation of lack of love and affection.

The judge, Mr Abdul Bello, ordered Hussainat to obtain a divorce certificate from the court’s registry.

He also ordered Hussainat not to contract another marriage till after three menstrual cycles.