Malaysian based  ‘big boy’, Hushpuppi lives a premium lifestyle and has sworn off poverty.

Even though he is Nigerian, he says staying away from Nigeria and Nigerians helped him get out of poverty.

The man who is notorious for having face-offs with Nigerian celebrities on social media recently reacted to a question on Instagram on his greatest challenge and how he overcame it.

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According to him, 'my greatest challenge was getting myself out of poverty. How I did it was simple, I got out of Nigeria and stayed far away from Nigeria and Nigerians'.

Is he trying to say living in Nigeria is equivalent to living in poverty?

According to a recent report by World Bank, 92.1% of Nigerians are living below 2,000 Naira ($5.5) a day — the worst record in the world.

Also, less than 8% of working Nigerians earn above $165 (N60,000) a month, making it the worst in the world too.

Is his statement based on these facts, or does he just hate being Nigerian?


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