Nigerian big boy based in Malaysia, Hushpuppi is spending the money ‘lau lau’.

The man, who describes himself as a philanthropist and a hard worker, on Sunday spent 2,390,000 Naira; just like that!

He bought 10 drinks, 1 Hennessey XO, 4 Ace Of Spade and 5 Crystal.

He took to his snapchat to showcase his self-acclaimed flamboyancy with a receipt of his spending as proof.

Huspuppi was on the news some time ago over a beef he had with Davido when he called out to Davido over his Omo Baba Olowo status.

He stated that there is a big difference between Baba Olowo (rich man) and Omo Baba Olowo (son of a rich man).

They have since settled their beef with both men showing off receipts of exorbitant spending at various clubs at home and abroad.