“Marriage is ordained by God from the beginning.

“At the core of all family relationships is the union between a man and his wife. The man and woman must become one flesh".

These were the words of an Anglican cleric, Rev. Maxwell Onyia,  he is the cleric in-charge of the Anglican Church of Ascension, Enugu.

“As the fruit of this union, the children belong as much to the man as to the woman.

“Both parents share equal responsibility in terms of training, providing emotional balance, healthcare and general provision especially in an era where both the man and his wife are working or doing businesses", he added.

He said this against while reviewing the high spate of divorce and single parenting across the country.

Blaming increasing misbehaviour among children on divorce and other forms of abandonment, Onyia asked parents to join hands to train their children to live godly lives.