Nike Sanusi is a hairdresser who has been married to Haruna Sanusi a security man for 14 years, and together they have three children.

Both of them are tired of their marriage and with the stories told by them you would wonder why they got married in the first place.

The wife filed for a divorce at the Grade C Customary Court Oja Oba in Ibadan and in her words, she has never enjoyed her marriage due to constant beating.

"I suffered from the beginning of our marriage till date. He beats me all the time and sent me packing out of the house and my parents refused to allow me stay with them, they took me back to him because it's my matrimonial home but the suffering still continued and unbearable.

"When I became pregnant with our third child, he beat me up 15 days to my delivery date and also 41 days after my delivery with our child at my back.

"Whenever he beats me, he makes sure he sees blood before he stops the beating," she said.

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She concluded that her husband is fond of packing her belongings out whenever there was any misunderstanding. So, she could as well leave him for good.

Haruna admitted he had sent her packing before but this time he won’t take her back because she loves money more than she loves him.

"If there is no money, there is no love. It's true that I beat her but it's only twice I lay my hands on her. I pay my children's school fees twice every term because my wife spends the money whenever I give it to her and I am no longer interested in the marriage," he said.

How about the allegation of infidelity? He stressed that Nike is promiscuous and is also a chronic debtor.

"Whenever I am on night shift at work, my wife also leaves the house without my notice. She tells the children that she is going for a vigil and returns before I come back from work.

"She collected money from three different thrift collectors and could not pay up, I had to help her pay the money."

"She buys things on credit and also steals my money in the house," he concluded.

All said, after much deliberation, the court separated them and put the children in the custody of their mother.

The court told the father to pay the sum of 10,000 naira monthly for the children's feeding.

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