This is cheering news for lovers of Nigeria's most staple food, Garri.

A market survey conducted on Monday, revealed that the price has dropped from as high as N1,250 to between N450 and N500 per paint bucket.

The paint bucket which weighs about four-litre is usually the standard measure for cereals in in Southern Nigeria.

Many buyers, who came to purchase the staple in markets in Enugu, said they were happy as they could get white garri for N450 and yellow garri for N500.

A buyer said that they prayed the price would crash further, while another said it should continue at its current price.

The traders attributed the price crash to the current bumper harvest of cassava after many Nigerians had yielded the call to return to the farm.

A garri seller at Garki Market, Obioma Ukoh, said that many people went into cassava farming since last year and for that its price had drastically dropped.

Unfortunately, the farmers have complained about lack of storage facilities which makes it almost impossible to sustain the reduced price till the next harvest season.


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