It is no doubt an unbearable experience living at the Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDP) camp.

Help doesn't come quickly and human lives are at risk of sickness and diseases because they are prone to attacks.

A cross section of IDPs who spoke to our correspondent at four different camps in Jalingo, Sibre, Iware and Garin Ardo Mumini complained of poor feeding and shortage of medical supplies.

The respondents said since they arrived at the various camps a week ago, they have been living on handouts from good Samaritans.

In Jalingo, Capital City of Taraba State, the IDPs told our reporter that they have been receiving help from Stop Genocide Action Group (SGAG), an International NGO and the Taraba Muslim Council.

The two groups have provided food and medical aid to them for three days, but they said the sustainability of assistance may be halted by limited resources.

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Leader of the IDPs at the Muslim council secretariat Jalingo, Musa Mayo-Lope, appealed to the state government, philanthropic organizations and wealthy individuals to come to their aid.

He thanked the officials of SGAG and the Muslim council for their combined efforts at addressing the immediate needs of the IDPs.

Speaking to our reporter, the head of the SGAG group who facilitated the evacuation of the IDPs from Villages around Kunini and Apawa to the state capital, Aisha Ardo thank individuals who made token contributions to save lives.

Ardo described the conditions of IDPs as apathetic and called for urgent assistance.

Aliyu Bakari Dorofi, Chairman of the registration committee disclosed that about 2,000 IDPs including women and children have been registered from Tuesday July 10th when they started arriving the Muslim council secretariat in Jalingo.

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