You barely made it past the WAEC examiners and you vowed on that day never to be in a mathematics class ever again.

According to scholars, mathematics equips young people with analytical and logical minds needed to learn other subjects.

But many students do not do well in the subject and it is one of the reasons supposedly intelligent students fail to secure admission into tertiary institutions.

The Registrar of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Dr Iyi Uwadiae, seems to have really figured out the reasons for regular mass failure in the subject.

He identified the fear of mathematics, inappropriate teaching methods, inadequate qualified mathematics teachers as well as inadequate infrastructure as some of the challenges militating against the development and mastery of maths.

Uwadiae said that efforts must be made by parents, guardians, counsellors and school teachers to change pupils and students’ mindsets about Mathematics being a monster subject.

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“It is imperative to address the litany of challenges of teaching and learning of mathematics in the Nigerian education system.

“The tasks ahead are numerous and daunting It is clear, that it will be imposible for these radks to be tackled by government alone.

“The involvement of major stakeholders in all sectors of the economy will be essential if the goals and potentials of Nigeria are to be realised,” he said.

The WAEC boss further added that mathematics will remain a prerequisite for admission into tertiary institutions for many courses and also for effective performances in some occupations.

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